Ability to Purchase WordPress.com Products with WordAd Credit

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    Big, BIG thanks to the WordPress.com developers and Automattic. You guys have affected the entire world with immeasurable positivity.

    Anyway, this is a minor suggestion I think. As a WordAd blogger with roughly 900-1100 unique views daily WordAd user, I make between $4-$8 a month from the blog. Not much, but the fact that my writing has generated a single cent astounds me. My suggestion isn’t that the amount WordAd bloggers must earn before receiving payment be lowered. I understand the economics of that. What I think would be cool, however, is if users were allowed to spend their earnings on, for instance, a premium theme. So if I were to accrue $27 from WordAds, and I wanted to purchase a premium theme that costs $50, I would be able to put the $27 toward the theme, and pay the difference as I normally would.

    Hope ya’ll think this is as good an idea as I do. :P

    The blog I need help with is ewwty.com.



    That’s a smart idea.

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