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Able theme CSS to change text widget title from italics to normal text

  1. Hello. I would like to change the text widget title on my blog from italics to normal text. The theme I am using it ABLE. What is the custom CSS needed to accomplish this? The default text widget format is for the title to be in Italics. Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. For all the widget titles:
    <br /> .widget-title {<br /> font-style: normal;<br /> }<br />

    If you just want to change the title for a single widget then add the aside id. For example:

    <br /> #text-15 .widget-title {<br /> font-style: normal;<br /> }<br />

  3. Thank you so much. If I want to change the font size of individual widgets, then how do I do that, as well?

  4. You're welcome.

    Depends a bit on the stuff you have inside the widget, and which part of the widget you want to affect.

    I don't know what browser your using, but IE, Firefox, and Opera, Safari all have code inspectors that will allow you to look at the HTML and CSS (don't know about Chrome). Then you can look up the attribute and the css.

    To change font size you need to change the font-size property in your CSS.

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I am now trying to change the font for the title of the Contact Information widget. This is what I tried:

    #widget-contact-info-2 .widget-title {
    font-style: normal;

    But it did not work. Any advice?

  6. <br /> #widget_contact_info-2 .widget-title {<br /> font-style: normal;<br /> }

    That's because you got the underscore and dashes mixed up. ;-) Just tested the above and it should work.

  7. Wonderful! Thank you.

  8. You're welcome. Good luck. :-)

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