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    How can I make the entry titles align to the center. The titles all align to the left. I tried
    .entry-title {
    display: center;

    But it didn’t work.


    The blog I need help with is


    Don’t have access to test it, but try this:
    entry-title {text-align: center;}

    That would leave the “posted on” information left-aligned. If you want that centered I think you can add this:
    entry-meta {text-align: center;}

    Let us know if this accomplishes what you need.


    Thank you! Unfortunately it didn’t work… Do you have something else i could try?


    Oops, left out the class designator “.” Before entry-title and entry-meta.
    For the title try this
    .entry- title {text-align: center;}

    And if you want the posted on..
    .entry-meta {text-align: center;}

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