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Able Theme Widget Spacing Not Consistent?

  1. Hello,

    For a while now I have noticed that unlike most themes, the spacing between some widgets on the Able theme is not consistent (I checked in the latest Firefox & Internet Explorer), with some widgets having more spacing between them than others; which wastes space in the sidebar and it makes the sidebar look less consistent/even/uniform.

    Are there any plans on adjusting/fixing this so that the spacing between all widgets in the Able theme match/are even/are consistent or is this part of the style/design?

    Instead of screenshots of the spacing between every widget, one could just look at my blog for a few examples, I am not using all the widgets but I am using several widget which shows inconsistency between the spacing of some widgets like: RSS Links, Akismet Widget, maybe a few others, and there could be more if one tests all the widgets.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am just curious if the moderator/staff/whoever who removed the modlook tag, has an answer to my question or not so I can know if someone is researching the answer or not since there is no alert or anything to let you know when/how the modlook tag is removed so you do not know if a moderator/staff person is looking into your question or not which can cause confusion not knowing what is going on or not?

  3. This could happen regardless of your theme. Every widget is different and therefore has different spacing. You can control the appearance of your blog with a Custom Design upgrade, if you're experienced with CSS:

  4. If this can happen regardless of theme, why do most themes that I have tested seem to not have this problem then, I am just curious?

    Thank you for responding.

  5. @goodjohnjr,

    I see what you mean. There seems to be inconsistent spacing between widgets and this is a theme specific issue. I file a ticket about this issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  6. Thank you very much Iamtakashi. :)

  7. Hello Iamtakashi, will I be notified when they finish with this ticket/issue and/or start on it?

  8. Howdy @goodjohnjr! In looking at our ticket system, it appears this issue has indeed been fixed. I'm going to mark this as resolved, but please don't hesitate to create a new topic should you have additional questions or feedback. Thanks!

  9. Hello Sixhours, the issue has not been fixed, at least from what I see on my end.

  10. Hmm, I see what you mean. We'll keep plucking away at it -- thanks for the continual feedback!

  11. You are welcome, and thank you for responding Sixhours. :)

  12. Hello Sixhours, will I be alerted once they start trying to fix this issue again?

  13. Yes indeed, someone will stop by this forum thread when we've had a chance to look at this again!

  14. Okay, thank you Sixhours.

  15. Will comments/the comment box for this topic get automatically locked if no one responds in a certain amount of time?

  16. It will not be closed until after the month ends. You can always create a new thread if it has not been resolved by then.

  17. Okay, thank you for answering my question Timethief. :)

  18. You're welcome.

  19. @goodjohnjr, we appreciate your patience and recognize that the spacing problem is still an issue for you. It's on our list of things to fix, but it may not be resolved right away.

  20. Good, I just wanted to make sure that no one forgot about it, I can wait another month or however long it takes as long as I know that someone is going to fix it and/or remembers the bug ;) ; thank you for checking into that for me Jackiedana. :)

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