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    Hi Support,

    I want to add a .com domain to my blog and I Just want to know that if I upgrade to “Add a Domain”, how much hosting space would I get? Would I be able to add videos/ youtube videos, ads etc. Can I add my custom website in this space? what about word press ads and logos?

    Blog url: http://texcite.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is texcite.wordpress.com.


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    The domain mapping upgrade is just that: you can map your domain to your blog hosted here at wp.com. You will still be hosted here on wp.com and everything remains the same except that people will see your blog without the “.wordpress.com” ending in the url.



    You can add YouTubes already. Info on that is in the Support docs.

    There is no upgrade that allows you to host ads, other than the $2300 per month VIP upgrade.

    You have to display the WordPress.com footer if you’re hosted at WordPress.com; that applies even to VIP blogs.

    You can’t import a hand built HTML website into WordPress.com. You MAY be able to import the text and images, but not the theme.

    If you want an increase in space, you want the Space Upgrade. The domain upgrade doesn’t relate to that.

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