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    what do I do to make it where members of my blog can only view my site and post comments on my articles?



    Unless your blog is marked private, anyone can read and if you set comments under Options Discussion anyone can comment OR just the ones who’ve had an approved comment.


    I dont have it set at private,I do however have it set where members have to be logged in to comment.I tested it out with someone and put them down as a contributer and for some reason they have a dashboard when they view my site and they are logged in.it also tells them that they own the blog,which is strange ’cause they dont :\ .I guess what I need to know is how to properly add a member to my blog so that they can only post comments.



    Don’t have them as contributors. All they need is a WordPress.com account; you don’t need to do ANYTHING. Delete that contributorship altogether. Once they’ve registered with WordPress.com, that’s it; they can comment away.



    Take a look at this to better understand the roles:

    If you just want comments, don’t assign anyone a role, like raincoaster said.


    so how do I properly add a member and what do I put the settings at?



    You add them in at the bottom of the Dashboard -> Users page. Theres a form there where you put in that users email address that they used to sign up with here at wp.com and what level of access you want to assign them.



    What do you mean by the term “members”? If you give someone a user status (any of the roles on that FAQ page), they WILL have access to your dashboard. If your blog is not private, as you stated above, you don’t need to do anything to receive comments from wordpress.com members.


    if I put them in the users page they will have access to my dashboard.if I dont add them and just tell them to become wp.com members will I have any control over who can comment? also will they be able to just type in random names or will they just have one name? btw,by members I just mean people I add to my blog.



    If you have them become WordPress members and don’t do anything else but restrict comments to WordPress members, then they can comment freely. Their names etc will be filled in by the computer automatically.

    All members of WordPress will be able to comment on your blog; if you don’t want that to happen I suggest you put comment moderation on, which you can do under Dashboard –> Options –> Discussion. Then delete the comments you don’t want.


    so then theres no way to make it where I control who can post on my site?



    Yes there is. You can make your blog “private” and register only the users that you want. You can also password protect the whole blog. Also by assigning “roles” you can determine whether or not each one can “post” to your private blog.



    oh,well I dont think I would like it to be private.

    so then my best option is to make it where they have to be signed into wp.com to post? just to clarify: they will only have one name and a nickname,right?



    If you moderate comments then NO comments appear until you’ve approved them. Do you want more control than that?


    well,actually I want it to be convenient for people to post comments,but I also want to make sure nobody comes to the site just to mess around with me.


    I think I have it figured out now,thank you all for the help.



    There is no way to prevent people from messing with you except avoiding all people all of the time.

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