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about and order of posts

  1. on the right side of my blog there used to be the link to the "about" but once i edited the widgets, it's not there anymore. can i add that?

    i'm also wondering if i can change the order in which my posts appear?

  2. Add the Pages widget to your sidebar.

    Posts by nature are reverse chronological so that your most recent is at the top of your blog page. To change that order, you would have to change the time of each post individually.

  3. thanks for the help! i'm just wondering, can you actually change the time?? if so, how would you do this?? i have one post that for some reason appeared underneath an older post and i'm not sure why this is so i wanted to change it.


    Very useful for posting to the future too. ^_^

  5. thanks a lot!

  6. Welcome!

  7. oh okay nice! you have been extremely helpful! i figured out it must've been because i posted my first one but then changed the time zone for my blog and then made another post so it was off.

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