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    Currently, on my private “backup” blog I’m using Bueno. I found out it’s lovely for my needs, and it is very hard to find a theme that does everything I want it to do. This one’s just a scootch better for me than Pilcrow…but whatever, that’s still a favorite!

    My query has to do with archiving in Bueno. The only version I see is one post at a time and the “older posts” link at the bottom. Am I missing something or is there a better, more comfy means of moving thru archives, such as the exerpts option…if you know what I mean? This blog is private right now (except for one or two other people who have the password), but even so, I would really prefer a faster means of navigating thru my archives…

    The blog I need help with is wildwanderingirl.wordpress.com.


    At settings > reading, you can set the number of posts to appear on post related pages (main blog, categories/tags and archives).

    In some themes you can use the excerpt function in the post editor to shorten what shows on the archives and categories pages, but no in Bueno. What you see is what you get.

    You can of course use the read more tag, but that will also show on the main posts page too.


    “Concise” archive style was the term I was casting around for… I discovered this option in Chateau, and that also works quite well for my purposes otherwise too.

    I know I’ve said this before, but hats off and a big Thank You to you guyz for being so prompt in responding to my silly questions… :)


    You are welcome, and there are no silly questions.

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