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  1. seiryuulostmymusic

    In my blog, i went to the section of "blog stat", but the problem is, the statistic for "days" only show up to the day of 9/29/07. The stats for the subsequent days were not shown even after i refresh the page, what to do so that i can see the stats for the following days??? the stats graph doesn't seem to refresh itself, it is like stuck at day 9/29/07 ... pls help thx

  2. And I was only concerned about where my regional stats had gone.

  3. @seiryuulostmymusic:
    try clearing your cache & cookies

    regional stats?

    in the meantime, you can go here to check your stats:

  4. Clear your browser cache and your cookies and reload the page. It could be a browser issue. If that doesn't clear it up, you need to contact staff.

    Judy: simultaneous typing. I was also wondering about regional stats. Sitemeter will give you those, though.

  5. Wasn't Sitemeter. Was dashboard. It came and went during last week's spam blogs high point.

  6. Never, ever seen "Regional stats". I have Referrers, Top Posts, Search Engine Terms, Clicks, and Incoming Links. What does yours actually list?

  7. seiryuulostmymusic

    hey man! u guys are totally cool. i deleted the cookies and deleted files in the internet option and it worked! thx alot!

  8. great! You're welcome :)

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