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About data security on post

  1. Hello, I am testing on the functions of When I select a post to be password protected, and I share the link on facebook wall, the password protected post content is still visible to public. Even when I change my blog to a private blog, the same problem still exists. Therefore, I guess it is very important to tackle with this bug.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Thanks.
    yea, a point to add. The same issue happens at only. When having a password protected post using a hosted wordpress system, and then share that post on facebook. the password protected content is hidden.

    Therefore it shows that there is something wrong with the setting or everything else in system

  4. If you are logged into a Password Protected Post - WordPress.COM sets a cookie to remember that you can access that Password Protected Post - when you go back to the Post you can still read it -

    Is that what you might be seeing?

  5. auxclass, that is not the situation i am facing. Perhaps let me put a screenshot link here:

    In this picture, there are two facebook wall post window, the first one is captured after I try to share a password protected post from and "this is a test line 1..." which are the post content are shown here, without any protection
    and the below one is captured after i try to share a password protected post from self hosted), and you could see "There is no excerpt because this is a protected post." and the content of that post does not leak out.

  6. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I've begun testing it myself and have already brought it to our developers attention as well.

    Again, thank you for drawing our attention to this. Our customers' privacy is very important to us!

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