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    I have two requests:
    1/ I want to change the description shown in Google. Now i know how to do it in wordpress.org, but i can’t really see how can i do it here. Is it automatic? And if it is, Why doesn’t it work well for me? Thanks.
    2/ I have a huge problem setting the picture’s size in the photo gallery of the main page (supported by the Traction theme). The dimensions of my framework are 450×300, however when I crop pictures on Photoshop to such dimensions, it automatically resizes it to 450×200 and then squeezes it so that it would fit the framework (everything automatically). I tried to crop it to 450×200, but the picture is still not displayed properly. I have no idea what to do, please help me out on that.
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    I’m sorry, the description isn’t customizable. Google automatically generates a description for their search engine . Unfortunately we have no control on this.

    In Traction , the image size for the large image in the featured slider is 602 x 200. Images with a different size will be cropped, which might look strange. In this case it might be best to resize them in Photoshop (before uploading) to get the perfect outcome.



    Thank you for your quick answer.
    1/ Understood
    2/ I tried to crop a picture to the dimensions you gave me (602×200) and the display is still unproper on the photo galery. Maybe it was unclear but I modified the framework on my main page to the dimensions of 450×300. Please advise what to do.



    If you used the Custom Design upgrade to change the dimensions for the slider, you’ll have to upload images in the new dimensions. Note that you may also have to change the preset dimensions for image sizes under Settings > Media.

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