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About how many views do you get daily?

  1. enigmaticblogger90

    I get 70-90, which scares me considering most of the crappy content XD

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  3. Are you copying my thread? The only relevant questions about traffic are your first month and the traffic you have gotten since you started!

  4. Hey are claiming all the math I've done?

  5. Typo are you claiming the math I did.

  6. I know, I know.

  7. How many views you had in your first month, how many views you get every day, how many total views you have are 3 different things.

    I get an average of 350 views a day.

  8. I get like 3-20 views daily. Kinda Sad actually.

  9. For a while, pretty much nothing daily but that was cause I haven't been doing much for a while... Getting back to work now, though!

  10. 34... but thats in 2 days lol...

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