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About inserting iframe in WordPress

  1. Some research revealed that iframe codes cannot be inserted in the WordPress posts or pages for security reason.

    Is there really no way to embed iframe in WordPress?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No. Not on
    What are you trying to do?

  3. I've moved this topic to the support forum: CSS upgrades don't allow you to alter the basic underlying code of themes but only the appearance.

  4. Thanks.

  5. There might be an alternative to what you want to do with the iframe. Usually, there is not, but it might be possible. Please post about what you want to do.

  6. Thanks.

    I consider to add a Q&A board. (I think the WordPress does not support such board in itself.)
    I would like to add an external board using iframe such as:

    <iframe name=anyname width=600 height=400 marginwidth=0
    marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0
    src="http://external website addes/.../..board.php?id=abc"></iframe>


  7. Unfortunately that is not anything you can do here on

    You could link to an outside forum, or host your own site. I cannot recommend what sort of plugin you'd need to do that though.

  8. Thanks.

    What kinds of outside forums are available?
    I need a simple one.

  9. I'm no expert in hosting a forum. I was a co-admin on one several years ago and it was free, but sorry, I don't remember anything else.

    Perhaps another volunteer will have some advise, otherwise I'd just Google to see what's available.

  10. Thank you very much.

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