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About International Forums

  1. Hi,

    International forums have been set up, thank you for that.

    I read mdawaffe's note; "PS: Most of the translation was done by real people, but some of it was done by machine; don’t laugh too hard :)"

    I think translation of Turkish forums has been made by a machine. :)
    How can we change the section name and description of the forum? These are not included in translation project.

    And also, we (WordPress Türkiye community) have prepared translation for bbPress forum system. Can you include the Turkish translation to forums?


  2. yeah, in Indonesian language also funny
    maybe need some volunteer to each International forums to manage it :)

  3. Best bet would be to send in a feedback come Monday and suggest this to staff directly.

    And thanks for stepping up to help. :)

  4. Thank you, i'll send a feedback. :)

  5. I´ll try my question here. Can I read somewhere about International Forums, how it´s suppose to work?
    I can´t even find my way aound here in the basic one, since everything changed.
    I tried to ask yesterday in the Swedish Forum,

    I´ve also asked in another place
    but it still stands that the questions is awaiting for moderation.

    The keymaster mdawaffe, seams to write in English, so I´m a bit confused of everything.

    Someone who can explain for me please?

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