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  1. why my links don't show in categories?

  2. Is the 'visible' box checked?

  3. yes, its visible.

  4. Stumped...don't know the template, sorry. Did they just stop working? I assume we're speaking of your blogroll?

  5. yes, its the blogroll, they can work and all show up, but not under a categories.

  6. I'll guess that your template won't allow it, but can't say for certain...I use the default theme which allows me to use a category on my blogroll.

    Sorry I couldn't help more -- be sure to check this thread again, though. Dr Mike, timethief or another forum volunteer will give you a definite answer.

    good luck

  7. really thanks.

  8. The Blix theme only lists it's links in one big long list. That's how the theme is designed.

    Best bet would be to use the sidebar widgets and replace your sidebar with them. The Links widget does use the categories.

    Hope this helps,

  9. problem solved when I change another theme. many thanks.

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