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  1. I have a blog about my favorite sports team the New York Mets. I would like to write something about myself in the "About Me" section but I'm not sure what, any ideas to help me?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well i would suggest things about you :P maybe your age and where you live, what you for a living, your hobbies, maybe a picture of you, why you wanted to blog about your subject. The readers don't know anything about could be a man or woman the readers don't know.You should post whatever you like about yourself that you want the readers to know. example why do you like New York Mets, how long have you been a fan. Hope that gave you some anwsers and good luck with your blogging

  3. (1) Write an appealing profile
    Your About page is the most effective advertising spot on your blog for you as a blogger and for your blogs too. Accept the fact that people want to know a bit about who you are and that they are not likely to be impressed by a one liner.

    Put some effort into creating a biographical statement or Profile for use on your About page that includes your background and expertise with regard to the subjects you intend to blog on and what your aim and purpose for the blog is. Note that the same "profile" information you create for your About page can be placed other profile pages in other social media sites as well.

    (2) Write concise and informative Blog Description(s) for your About page
    Blog descriptions are extremely important. Put some effort into creating a concise, appealing description of your blog, your brand, and your focus. Rule of thumb is to use a brief description of approximately 25 - 30 words and containing the keyword tags that define the niche your blog is in.

    Extra: Create an "elevator speech"
    An Elevator Speech is a super-short explanation of an idea, a business, or a blog, designed to create further interest that can be delivered in the time it takes folks to ride from the top to the bottom of a building in an elevator.

    These days bloggers and business people are delivering their elevator speeches ie. the by using the 140 character capability of the Twitter platform.

  4. Thanks, Timethief... Great advice!

  5. The harder "About ME" spiel is the Profile attached to one's gravatar/similar pic.

    I limited myself to 140 words (how did Twitter invent that figure?) but the challenge is that there are different facets of what I have done that do add value. And those facets are quite different from one another. So my profile is now an extra sentence long, etc.

    It is good somehow to have a light tone/touch in one's About ME with link to something abit more descriptive somewhere else in blog.

  6. timethief thanks for the advice. What do you think about getting traffic to a site. What's the best method?

  7. @anniesabarte
    IMHO there is no single best way to get traffic. Any advice we give you is dependent upon what you have already done to get traffic.

    (1) Is your blog structured and optimized in a reader and search engine friendly manner (basic SEO)?
    (2) In blogging content is king, hence, it's the draw to your site. Have you created pillar posts (flagship content) that has timeless value and brings back readers again and again?
    (3) Do you write well and publish regularly. Keeping your blog updated with fresh and informative content will maintain reader interest.
    (4) Do you deep link to your earlier posts in your recent posts and use correct anchor text to do so?
    (5) Are you looking for organic (unpaid) traffic or are you willing to pay for inorganic traffic?
    (6) In blogging, content is king and promotion is queen. Have you joined Twitter, online groups in your niche, social networks and promoted your posts in them after publishing them?
    (7) Do you reply to every comment?
    (8) Do you link to your reader's related blogs and keep your blogroll updated?
    (9) Do you comment, comment, comment?
    (10) Do you subscribe to the feeds of related blogs?
    (11) Do you backlink to posts published by faithful readers wherever possible?
    (12) Have you created relationships with other bloggers? Increasing traffic is the natural consequence of relationship building. The search link is on every BC page. You ca use it and type your blog categories and tags into it. The results will provide you with links to related blogs. Visit them, read posts & leave meaningful comments in order to build relationships with other bloggers.
    (13) Do you encourage your blog readers to comment?
    If you wish you can read and act on the twenty five steps in the following post to increase organic blog traffic

    Hope this helps. :)

  8. I used my About page to detail my other interests. Hope that helps.

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