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  1. I am Molly and I am new to this website.I came across it on one of my former friends website and I started to like this website alot.I hope to meet some nice people to talk to on here. I am nice,kind,caring and fun to be around.I don't know what else to write about so catch me around.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Molly,
    Creating an About page for your blog is a way to introduce yourself and let visitors what to kind of content to expect to read in your blog. here's a post with some guidelines for you >

  3. Molly,I too want to meet some nice people but so luck.Don't feel that you have to become friends with me because I won't get offended.I was just using the forum to meet people.I'm not sure what qualities I am kind,funny and easy going.

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