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  1. A blog just started about me Not much there only 3 days. Let me know if you have any sugestions

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    I certainly hope you find a way of losing weight in a healthy way, "Ron", but I can't see myself wanting to spend time learning about your daily hunger pangs and elimination habits. It reads like a journal of notes to pass on to your practitioner. Narration and description without a story.

  3. I agree with Mikey, it would not bring me back for a second visit, and you did not do an about page.

  4. threestoriestenpoems

    Hi Ron! Welcome to WordPress. I read some of your blog and found myself more scared than intrigued. Mikey and HumourWorld are right, your blog reads like notes - add some narrative. However, are you really fasting? That's not a good way to loose weight at all.

  5. Ah, this is NOT a good way to 'diet'. You may lose some weight bit it will all be water and when you begin to eat normally again, the weight will go back. You should eat healthily EVERY day as much a possible. Unless you must fast for religious purposes, I would say don't do it. It's a myth that it cleanses your body of toxins. It doesn't, your body does that naturally. And as your body will go into starvation mode when you do fast, you won't lose weight. You need food to kick start your metabolism.

  6. You realize that fasting sends your body into emergency survival mode and causes it to store MORE fat, not less, right?

  7. Hi Ron. Read your blog and I think your body system is not adapting to the 'diet' that you are working on. I would say it is a crash diet since I think you did not take anythings solid right? If you are really trying to fast as your method of dieting, i think it is better for you to have a balanced breakfast and then nimble on something at night. Either that or take a certain time to fast only; let's say from 8am until 1pm. Some religion follows this certain time limit of fasting for young children in order to get them ready for the real dawn to dusk fast. Or perhaps, try having bland food instead of snacks and fast food. Clear soup, steamed chicken, fresh cut vegetables. Not forgetting exercise! We are all working adults so I know the constraints in keeping to the exercising plan but just give it a try. Different body work differently so good luck in keeping in shape, right!

  8. happinessisnotadisease

    It's so gross it's hilarious - surely not going back there!

  9. Wow...Mikey that was a little harsh! Ouch.... :(

  10. Ooops...Nevermind...I can't read about stomach cramps, and crap either. However, there is a simple way I have lost weight recently....Looking great...I will have to write about it sometime this week.

    You are correct Mikey! :)

  11. I request you to post about your daily activity you favorite and bad acts and all about your personality etc .

  12. @ beecricket: who were you referring to? Me or Ron?

  13. @ beecricket: Your blog is nice. However, it doesn't really pertain to me as I don't liver there, but I am sure people who do, will love your blog! Also, I am not really into sports.

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