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About Missing Post Issue

  1. I just published a post as per usual and noticed some things about it which are probably related to the ongoing missing post issue.

    I always use the New Post link from the drop-down list of my blogs on the Admin bar. I used it to create a new post called Ruralopolis Here I Come, and hit Publish as per usual. I noticed when I went to the published page via View Post that the URL had a numerical suffix, ie or such. The Share buttons did not show on the post, which I, being a famewhore, noticed immediately. On a hunch, I went to and yep, the post was not visible. I went back to the Edit page and hit Publish and then it showed up at just fine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks very much for your report, raincoaster. Several of us have tested creating a post that way and weren't able to replicate what you experienced, but we're forwarding your report to our developers so they can continue the investigation. We appreciate it!

  3. New news: my latest, St. Patrick's Day post has this error.

    URL: in its current condition. I'll leave it like this for a few hours so you can check it out. Post was created from the Admin drop-down menu on my name->raincoaster->New Post and created with text, an image, and a YouTube as normal. Appears normal; the tipoff something was wonky was that the sharing icons did not come up.

  4. Ah yes, using FF 19.0.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  5. Okay, after leaving it a few hours, I went to Dashboard->All Posts and saw it was set as a Draft. The URL on that page when I clicked to it was one that reflected the title, unlike before. Then I hit Publish and it went live.

  6. Hi there, thanks for the report. I've tried to replicate this in FF 19.0.2 by creating a new post from the admin bar (New > Post) but the moment the post is generated - even before publishing or saving it as a draft - the post slug correctly appears as text ("pretty permalink"), rather than something like ?p=12345.

    Can you think of anything the two posts where you experienced might have in common, to help narrow down a possible culprit?

  7. I don't use the New Post on the Admin bar itself; I use the drop-down blog list on the admin bar, on my username, and from there in the blog, the drop-down list that includes New Post.

    The two posts were done from completely different ISPs. The only thing I can think of is that they both start with an uploaded image, but so do most of my posts. I wonder if punctuation in the title matters. Can't remember what the title of the first post was, unfortunately.

  8. Thanks for the additional information. So just to be clear, is this where you added the two posts where you saw this issue?


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