About my blog and hacking (watex)

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    Just want to tell everyone that I have only made ONE topic/thread in this forums for the past 6 months here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=22850&replies=1#post-169724
    Any others with my username attached were made by the hacker

    And any posts that were on my blog and are now deleted were made by the hacker.

    The hacker is chewypup/chewster who also owns the account watex101.

    This all started when he emailed WordPress support with an email that didn’t correspond to the email of the admin of the site at the time. WordPress emailed him back a new password.

    Fortunately, everything is now resolved. I can confirm I’m the original owner many ways including the fact that I know the email of which I used to register my wordpress account (which very very few people know).

    Multiple times the hacker has used the phrase “my arms,legs,hands shaking”, “im scared”, “im crying” . He got this from ME when we talked via IM. I told him this and then said No one will believe he is the real me so he used these phrases to impersonate me even further.



    Im kinda surprised Mark didn’t just I.P. check or something from the start.

    I’ve recently found these longwinded threads made by the hacker with a dozen replies back and forth between Mark. 0.o



    Do you mean Chewypup? He seems suspicious, because apparently Helen claims she (correct me if I’m wrong) had her account (not on WordPress) stolen from her from Chewy. There probably isn’t more than one she could refer to on the forum we were on, mostly because of their “fame,” which is un-needed anyways for a game.

    Chewypup… hmm, I’m hoping he doesn’t do the same thing he did to you, but just to make sure I got it correctly, this is what I got:

    “He used a different e-mail than the one you registered with and deleted your posts.”

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