About my private blog – is it possible to post with a backward date ?

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    Hi !
    I’ve heard that it’s a mistake to post with a “backward” date, which result with the searcher being unable to spot anything at such a site, probably with some error notice. Obviously I never do it BUT if it’s just my private diary blog with no visibility for others, I guess it could be different.
    So, is it possible ?

    The blog I need help with is dariosdiary.wordpress.com.


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    Sure! Your private blog is not being indexed by search engines (google, yahoo, bing, and so on) so your readers (if there is anyone besides you) won’t have links to posts which have been changed.

    • If you’d like a bit more information about what happens when you back-date a published post, remember that posts and pages have links so they can be located online.
    • The links for posts on WordPress.com include the date the post was published. If your blog has been “read” or indexed by a search engine, then that is the link they will display for potential readers.
    • If you change the date of a published post, then you are changing its link. That means the link published by a search engine will no longer work.

    The search widget on your blog will work as usual.



    Ok – so within the private realm of my search widget i can play with dates with ease. But if I publish a visible post and then back-date it and it won’t be visible as the search engine does not see it after the first “recognision ” reading. That’s curious. You can think you’ve got another link that appears on the net so it should be visible. Maybe you can change something in the contents to “trick” the engine ? I’m just asking because for convenience reasons it’s practical to back-date things sometimes.


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    Well, the new link will appear again after the search engines re-index your site. That could take as little as a few minutes for highly ranked sites, or as long as several months for new sites.

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