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    I am a recent user,so I’m sorry if my question is too “beginerish”..how can I do to make some info about myself appear?I have a very full “about myself”box,but it doesn’t seem to appear so that others can read it..thanks



    I don’t know what you mean by an “about box”. Is a page or a post or a text widget that you are after? But I do see your “About me” page right here http://cutish.wordpress.com/2007/01/07/about-me/

    Some themes do have brief excerpts (1 sentence) taken from the My Profile page and displayed in the sidebar and some don’t. The emphasis here is on “brief” on the themes that do have this.

    Usually there are two choices bloggers make when the theme they choose does not have the About excerpt feature from the My Profile page displayed in the sidebar or when it does but it just doesn’t display enough information to suit them.

    (1) Complete the About page and put the information there. Install the pages widget in the sidebar for easy access to the page. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/11/a-post-and-a-page/

    (2) Create a text widget and place the information in it and display it in your sidebar.

    This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources.
    And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.



    If you want your info to appear in a box on the side bar, you can try using a ‘text widget‘. Alternatively to a box you could use an “About” page.

    A newly created wordpress.com blog comes with an “About” page by default. You can edit such page with your info by clicking on Manage > Pages, then click on the “Edit” link for that page, paste the new text, save it and voila.

    Hope this helps and happy bloggin’.

    Geez! slow much? :D



    G’Morning devblog :D



    Top ‘o’ the morning to ya, TT.

    Geez, I’m really slow today, I was editing my post again when I realized that you have replied to two posts already!! Maybe I need more coffee… so far I’ve had one cup (when I usually drink 10-12 a day).

    Anyway… TT, May I suggest something for your widget wizardry article? How about placing some anchor tags to the widget category titles like:

    <a name="text">Text Widget</a>

    so that when someone wants to make reference to its definition (like I would’ve liked to do in my post) can type the url like “…widget-wizardry/#text”. That way it will make it ‘easier’ for the person to read what a text (or any other) widget is. Just a suggestion ;)



    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Edit: I have now made a post for you to comment on my blog and you give me instructions as to how to accomplish this there.

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