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About Page has Comment on it?

  1. I saw one website under wordpress which the "about page" has a comment place on it. e.g. ..../about can has his description and place for comment underneath it...

    How to do this?

    And also a subpage like /about/page1 can also have a comment under it as if its a post and not a static page...


    p/s already emailed to Lloyd about this

  2. Another add on info
    its only i think i found 2 already
    and both are using the same theme..
    is it because of the theme?

  3. some themes allow comments on pages also like Andreas 09 has comments on pages..

  4. so totally because of theme
    and not because im-not-familiar-with-extra-coding syndrom

  5. It's because of how the designer made their theme. We can't edit the themes here except for the CSS if you have that upgrade. To allow comments on Pages, you would have to edit the theme.

  6. Rubric 1.0 allows comments on pages.

  7. so does the regulus theme

  8. and ambiru

  9. i like a list of them...:)

  10. me too but who's nice enough to do it for us?

  11. I thought someone did one up? I know Blix doesn't. Shocking Blue Green and Silver is the New Black do.

  12. Kubrik themes do not have comments on pages. But you can also add these two to the themes that do allow comments on pages list Simpla and Emire.

    may be worth reading, or not

    Other bloggers could chime in and we could make a comprehensive list [says the documentation fanatic in a small and hopeful voice.] :)

  13. The Pressrow Theme doens't allow comments on pages. So,having had several comments on my About page in Regulus - I will be unable to display them if I want to use this theme. This is annoying - there seems to be so much missing (no edit ability for comments on posts either) from what I think is a really nice theme. It would be good if this theme could include comments on pages.

    Edit - you can edit comments! But not posts.

  14. PressRow allows comments on pages, but maddeningly they're titled, "No comments". See for an example. (again, this site is in no need of traffic from this forum, unless you live in Helsinki, which seems rather unlikely.)

    I would love to get this fixed. Ideas?

  15. @veltis
    I left a "NO COMMENT" (feel free to delete it). *LOL* NO COMMENT indeed. This simply won't do. Send in a feedback but be prepared to wait because podz has just put up a post in a pink sticky letting us know they are working on problems.

  16. And, when you send in a feedback, give a pointer to this thread so that they know we've talked about it. :)

  17. Dusk allows comments on pages, which I found out when someone left a comment.

  18. i have no problems with my comments appearing in my pages, and none of the 'no comments' problem as veltis has with pressrow.

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