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    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I’m really confused!

    When I first wrote my about page, I uploaded a photo, then decided later to change it to a different one. I had kind of trouble changing it, tried deleting my browser’s cache several times, then deleted the original picture in my image library, it was just kind of sticky.

    Now, whatever picture I upload on that page will not display, it just comes up as a link to the picure url. Is it me, or is this really weird? What am I doing wrong?


    The blog I need help with is fotothingy.wordpress.com.


    We need a link to the blog please. We cannot help if we cannot see it.



    Oh, sorry. I thought my username was linked (newbie…)

    It’s fotothingy.wordpress.com



    When you upload an image with the same name, it doesn’t replace the original image and wordpress will append a number to the end of the file name (example: original photo.jpg second upload of same photo photo1.jpg). Secondly wordpress organizes photos by month/year, so if you upload a photo in December 2008, and then upload a newer version of it in February 2009, the URL’s of the images are going to be different since the URL contains the month/year an image is uploaded.

    If the new photo is already uploaded, open the about page for edit, put your cursor into the text where you want the photo to appear, click on “media library” button (spikey looking circle), find the image, click “show” and then make the settings you want, and then click “insert into page”.



    Hmmm, that was exactly what I had been doing. This time I was successful, but from a different computer (my work PC instead of my home mac…)

    I still don’t understand, but at least the problem’s solved.

    Thanks for your help!


    What browser are you using at home, and what version? Safari 2 has problems with wordpress, but Safari 3 works like a charm as does Firefox 3. Also, what version of the Mac OS?



    Hi sorry, have had such a busy day & didn’t think to check back here.
    I’m using Firefox 3 and OS 10.4.

    It is all very odd but not causing any problem now (until the next time!)
    emma :)

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