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About page will not update with new content

  1. About page fails to update with new content. I published the page and the preview shows it is updated. I have refreshed the screen cleared out my cache file, but the changes I have made will not show up. Any sugesstions?
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  2. asbadgerseesit

    We don't know what changes you have made, so we can't see if updating works or not. Try logging out and viewing it without being logged in, and see if your updated content is there. You also have a tag cloud under every post (it's usually placed in the side bar) and it has hundreds of tags on it, which is making your blog content slow to load, just thought i'd point that out for you.

  3. Using that many tags will get you classified as a tag spammer and left out of the tag pages and downgraded in search engines.

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