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    Respected sir,

    WordPress is adding mostly everyday new facility to the blogusers. But i am surpirsed ! that why no facility available to show more than 5 comments. In sidebar-widegates, mostly all bars has facility to modify its content. like RSS has max 10. Recent post is showing 10. then why not the same for Recent comments. Please do something, to show more than 5 Recent comments.

    I know RSS widegets for comments is avaible to show more than 5 comments. but its a different thing. Sometime it takes time to reflect in RSS. If you add more comments feature in default, then it will be much better. bcos RECENT COMMENT is very fast as comapred to RSS. and its format is also good.



    if you search the forum you can find several, if not one, threads discussing this issue. best you send your request to feedback where the ppl who matter will definitely read.

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