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    This a collective blog (five authors) and from september the 15th we will start publishing articles from other people. Now, I read about “users roles”, right? And I know perfectly the differences, now I do still have a doubt: a contributor cannot upload images BUT can he or she up load an article illustrated? Ready to be submitted to an editor? Or has she or he necessarily have the role of an author? Thank you very much in advance for you kind attention.

    The blog I need help with is untecondraupadi.wordpress.com.



    No, a contributor cannot upload images at all. Authors can.


    Thank you very much raincoster. Once the article has been approved, can the author declassed as a contributor? It sounds horrible but they can edit their text I wouldn’t want to find extreme-right propaganda in my blog all of a sudden.



    Maybe screen your contributors a bit more careful

    Why not do as @timethief does? Contributors email her the finished copy and she pastes it into her blog and does final editing.

    There is an ask for feedback feature on Posts so you can send a link to anyone and ask them to review a Post and then can leave feedback but can’t edit the Post itself. I use that feature from time to time to make sure that I have a Post done correctly, have not missed anything etc. The person giving feedback does not need to be any type of user on your blog


    I see. Thank you very much for your advice. It has been crystal clear. For now on we’ll go with clearer ideas. Thanks again.



    You be welcome & good luck

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