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    Java was created in 1991. Flash was created in 1993. Designed for computers as they were then. That can certainly be felt. Insecure and heavy. Slow and faulty. And they have a monopoly in each their field. But now Silverlight is here. Finally something new and smart to rival those two old dinosaurs.

    Anything they can do Silverlight can do better. Silverlight has been equipped with so much more safety, potential, resources. And intelligence.

    I think WordPress should implement support for some Silverlight based media like streaming, DeepZoom, Seadragon, PhotoSynth or other new projects.

    It’s important for the future. If big organizations like WordPress do not support Silverlight, we will be stuck in Flash forever.

    What a nightmare that’ll be.

    I mean: it is!! We ARE stuck with Flash and Java. Please consider making a move for a better development. Please accomodate a Silverlight feature here on WordPress. Or Two. Help lead the way out of the Flash dark ages…


    If you know of other new Silverlight initiatives please give us a link in a comment below…

    The blog I need help with is universalgeni.wordpress.com.



    Silverlight is proprietary and sucks big time – like everything else microsoft does.


    Nice response. So insightful…


    The likelihood of silverlight ever showing up with a wordpress system is… well… remote at best. WordPress runs on Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, and MS, in their typical myopic, MS-centric fashion has shut out the bulk of the internet servers. ANYONE who would use a windows internet server should, in my opinion, have their head examined.

    Smooth Streaming requires the Internet Information Services 7.0 environment in Windows Server 2008. That means you’re never going to be smooth streaming videos from your Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, Python or PHP stack and will be simply relying on Silverlight 3.0 just to handle the player.

    In typical Microsoft fashion, the Smooth Streaming tools are a package affair and you’ll need to swallow the package hook, line and sinker before you see any benefits.



    Just FYI, wordpress.com doesn’t use Apache server, it uses nginx, but still Silverlight woudn’t run on it either.


    Thanks for that devblog, I didn’t know that.


    And hi again, thesacredpath. Long time no see! :-)


    Back at ya universal.

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