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About stats and visits

  1. Hello all,

    I have this question about the stats - hope I can make my meaning clear:

    suppose the stats show two clicks on the homepage (which shows a number of complete posts) -another two on two individual posts and then two more on a page, totalling six views. But then we may assume that it actually only concerns TWO visitors who decide to click on through to other posts...? Because you simply can't click through to posts and pages if you do not first visit my homepage. Or is there some other way to get to posts without visiting the homepage?

  2. Hi. There are so many ways to get through to posts or pages without going through your homepage. Search engines index not only homepages but individual posts and pages. Also, some visitors may have added individual posts or pages to their favorites. And nothing prevents people from adding links to individual posts or pages of your blog. This is really not unique to WordPress.COM.

  3. Thanks for clarification and swift response, much appreciated.

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  4. Uh oh, I thought that copying your avatar and then adding square brackets would duplicate your avatar in my comment, like you can do on Flickr, but not so.

  5. You're welcome!

    (Moderators: feel free to remove the URL of my blog from mabelamber's response)

  6. Hi,

    I would like to know how does WP ensure that our own visits to our blog does not count towards the stats? Is it because we are currently logged in whenever we visit our blog so the visit does not count? Or is there a chance that the stats recorded are actually our own individual visits instead of others?

    And why do entries not appear on search engines even though they are public? Thanks so much! :)

  7. As long as you're logged in to, your visits won't be tracked in your own stats.

    As for search engines, we really don't have any control over what they choose to index. For the most part, the frequency at which they index your blog is all based on popularity (how many other sites link to you).

  8. Thank you for your efficiency! :) Very much appreciated!

  9. You're welcome!

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