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  1. Sorry if this is a simple question with a simple answer, but I was wondering about tags.

    Do I use these for my own benefit to find my posts which have the same tags, or are these for the public and other WordPress users to find a blog like mine and others which have the same tag? Hope that makes sense lol

    Thank you in advance

    Lady FairyBread x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These are links to relevant support documentation entries:

    Categories and Tags are useful both to your and your readers and to others who are searching for blogs and posts assigned to specific topics/subjects. There is some good advice on how to use categories and tags effectively in this thread.

  3. Both.

    Tags and the tag widget are a handy way for visitors to your blog to find posts with the same topic or subject matter.
    A visitor can click on the tag beneath a post or in a sidebar widget to find other posts with the same tag.

    Tags also list a posts in the global tag system where others can find your blog.

    Tags also aid search engines like google by acting as a keyword (if your blog is set for search engines to index)

    a couple support pages to check out for tags and categories:

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