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    i am using a wp layout (click on my name), i realized sometime ago that the font colour was not black but a really dark grey. is there any way i can change this (i thought i managed to change the default font before)…

    another thing is that when i copy text from elsewhere and stick it into the blogging area, i realize that the text keeps its original colour from wherever it came from… if i click remove formatting, it removes all boldface, italics and what have you. is there anyway to just ‘automatically’ change the colour while keeping the other formatting?

    my thinking is that there’s no automatic way and i have to do it manually. can someone let me know what exactly is the code for the grey used for the text on my site? i can’t seem to find the html for that colour. thanks!!!

    The blog I need help with is quirkyhill.wordpress.com.



    Text in the K2-Lite theme is #222222 and while a tad lighter, in my opinion, it’s nearly indistinguishable from #000000. If you have the annually renewable Custom Design Upgrade, you can globally change font color as well as font style on your site. You need a working knowledge of CSS in order to change font color.

    Copying and pasting from any word processing program is really not advised as it injects all sorts of unnecessary code and can seriously mess up your site. See here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/microsoft-word/

    If you know HTML and feel at home in the HTML Editor, here are some tips from another volunteer’s website for changing fonts in posts and pages:




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