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    i would like to suggest there must be a way to unregister from a comment thread, i still get them weeks after i have commented and many time my interest in it is gone long ago. it is very good and useful but it feels strange with it.
    also.. it seems to me that the space in the page regarding this feature is made up. i mean there is certain length that after it it comment are no longer there, can one set the time since last comment to be appear on that page (like if there was no new comment since two days – i don’t care )- it does exist in the Blog Surfe feature
    last and all (for now j-) the side bar at the dash board could move with me when scrolling down (for example see the way it moves at Gamesknot dot com) – very useful as no need to go up and down all the time.

    thanks for great work

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