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    I’ve been bothered by this for quite a while, but not till I’ve posted the latest photo’s has this become an annoyance. I use photoshop to process my pictures making sure everything is optimal for publishing on the web. However, after I upload the pictures on my blog with WordPress and publish them, the quality and color has degraded, almost like saved again under lower Jpeg setting or something.
    I’ve made a screenshot and put the two next to eachother, has anybody encountered this too or problems with it?
    I know you can scale the setting when putting the picture in a post, but all the settings are at 100% and I don’t get how this degrading happened.
    <img src=”http://www.firegrubs.com/images/example.jpg” alt=”example” />

    Any help is really appreciated! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is spacenauts.wordpress.com.



    Oops, I see html is not supported here, the link for the screenshot can be found at:



    Btw I have found out that this quality loss really only happens if I use wordpress to upload pictures, if I link the pictures from my own hosting space then the pictures are crisp again.


    I see what you mean. I prefer to use pictures from my flickr account, that way I don’t have that issue, it looks like a compression issue.


    If you upload large images (larger than what can be inserted into your post), wordpress then has to resize them to fit in your blog. WordPress doesn’t go a good job of resizing images.

    If you want the best quality, create a copy of the image in an image editing program sized to the exact maximum width for the theme you are using. Upload that image, and the larger image and then insert the smaller image into the post and link it to the larger image.




    Thanks thesacredpath, the thing is, it’s not a matter of incorrect size, the size is exactly as I want it to be, I’m talking about the actual picture quality. I know there is a maximum size which is different for each theme, now I know the exact size for the theme I’m using and I size the images accordingly before uploading them. But then somewhere in the process of uploading something goes ‘wrong’ and there is quality loss. I have a suspicion this has to do with the image being ‘crunched’ by wordpress, you always see this message when you just finished uploading.

    Also, I don’t want people needing to click on a smaller image first just to open a bigger version when I can put up the bigger version instead anyways, and besides, it doesn’t matter if the image is 100 x 100 pixels, this quality loss still happens somehow.

    I think this is really strange.


    Try removing the width and height indications altogether.



    I assumed you meant in the html, I did that and it improved a lot. Though this may be nitpickiky, the color and sharpness is still a little bit different (most people wont see this though). But I guess I can live with this, I’m still thinking to alternate, posting high quality images using my own hosting space.

    Howcome by removing the width and height indications changes it? I mean since the image stays exactly the same.

    Thanks btw again panagh~long name :)



    You’ll still have issues if you are remote loading images. Makes sure your images are the correct width for your theme before uploading/linking them.

    Pan has a post on his wptips blog with the latest info http://wpbtips.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/maximum-image-width/



    Thanks justjennifer, that was a helpful link, but again, the size was not an issue since images were edited to fit the theme exactly according to its allowed width. As I said already, I can post an image as small as 100×100 pixels, the size would be correctly displayed, but the image and color suffer from quality loss. I mean it’s not overly lot and most people wouldnt even notice, but after it happened to the last image, the quality loss was so much that it wasnt acceptable for me anymore. (see above link I posted)

    Though removing the width and height indications in Html as panaghiotisadam suggested improved it tremendously.


    @starsquid: There have been issues with images lately, and I happened to find that removing the w & h indications corrects things. I think thesacredpath has explained what’s going wrong, but I can’t locate the post at the moment.

    By the way, it can be done in the visual editor too: click image, click mountain icon, click Advanced Settings, delete numbers from w & h boxes, update, update post. Of course html is faster.



    I’ve posted it in a new post, putting the images side by side, you can find it at my other blog:

    Here you can clearly see the difference in quality and strangely the size are both exactly the same, it’s kinda like a compression issue.



    I had the same problem. Resize the images in Photoshop to the exact width of your blog theme. For Me it is 434 px, in the width option. Save as JPEG and upload to WordPress. Then click image settings (the mountain icon) and go to advanced settings and delete the numbers. Then save and publish.




    @starsquid-It’s definitely a compression issue. Looking at the properties of each photo in FF, what I’m seeing is that the top image is 62.24 KB (63730 bytes) in size, while the bottom image is 88.02 KB (90137 bytes). Going further, my graphics program (PI) says the compression of the top image is Progressive, while the bottom one is Base Line.




    Yea I think so, others posted have similar problems. I don’t understand why wordpress would do this since there are lot’s of photoblogs and people wanting the best quality displayed possible. Maybe it’s to save bandwidth? Hopefully this will be made aware to wordpress. Thanks again everybody for all your help!


    @jennifer: Thanks. Don’t know if that’s the one – no explanation there. Maybe I remember wrong.

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