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about the Ratings device

  1. We're all vain at heart, so the rating must have been activated by everyone. Now I noticed I am able to pimp myself! That's not really fair. But I guess it's not possible to exclude administrator from voting? Or didn't you anticipate this?

  2. I don't understand?

    Do you mean that your "vanity" would be enhanced/encouraged/satisfied if you were to spend a few hours rating yourself as excellent? Or do you think readers would be fooled by great ratings? You must write good (or great) posts. Readers won't be fooled.

    Are you suggesting that you should not be able to rate your own blog as often as you like?

  3. By the way, I'm surprised you would ask such a question.

    Your blog looks clever and you should have no need to "cheat" your ratings. I'd think readers would be interested by your sense of humor, not artificial "ratings."

  4. 1tess, thanks for the compliments and the cold shower...

    No really, I've had bad experiences with ratings on a newspaper weblog. Frauding in da house, you won't believe it. Plus one could also vote on oneself. It makes no sense.

    I could decide to disactivate the gimmick, of course. It's not an obligation.

  5. ...
    =I'd think readers would be interested by your sense of humor=

    then give me a star! give me a star!

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