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  1. Is it possible to have all words searched? Because it seems that the site search is only searching for posts that contain the same exact words that I type into the site search instead of also individual words.

    Say if one day I start a post about "Lindsay Lohan". Then say the next day I started a post about "Lindsay". Then a visitor to my blog types in "Lindsay Lohan" into the site search and gets everything "Lindsay Lohan" But gets nothing of "Lindsay". Is there a way of getting each Lindsay no matter which other words were also typed in the site search?

    Yes I know I can have all posts characterized. But I would have too many. So I just have everything as 'Uncharacterized'.

  2. It would depend upon if this search engine supports logical relationships

    eg "Lindsay AND Lohan" should return only "Lindsay Lohan"
    "Lindsay OR Lohan" should return "Lindsay Lohan", "Lindsay",
    and "Lohan"

    Give it a try: I have NO IDEA if it is supported.

  3. I've been getting alot of searches for:

    Jesse McCartney

    But it's different when it's:

    Jesse McCartney drinking

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