about those feed/RSS /subsribe icons, etc.

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    I am checking out sites that have icons to get more people to visit my blog, or to get my blog onto people’s desktop or browser. I need some detailed info on what some of these icons actually mean — what they accomplish, and for whom (for me or for a visitor to my site).

    1. What is the difference between SUBSCRIPTION and (RSS) FEED? I have an RSS FEED of a lot of blogs that I like, and the latest is “Cool Tips” for bloggers. She (the creator of the Cool Tips site) calls it a SUBSCRIPTION but as I understand it, it’s just another name for RSS FEED. But am I wrong and is there a difference?

    2. Could there be a listing of what kinds of buttons one can put one’s blog, what what that button does and for whom (the blog owner or visitors to the blog). It took my sluggard brain a little while to figure out that RSS FEED was meant for me to use if I saw it on someone else’s blog but for a visitor to use when they see it on MY blog. Heh, elementary school, I know, and regretting it.

    3. I saw a terrific little icon for RSS FEED and on it was written ”7 Reasons why you should subscribe to this blog.“ It was effective in that it made me click onto it and subsequently want to have such an icon on my blog.

    Whatever help you can offer will be appreciated, but it’s better if you assume that I am in the fourth grade, since my knowledge of this area is really scant.


    The blog I need help with is lornakismet.wordpress.com.



    I meant SUBSCRIBE, not SUBSRIBE. Gawd I can make myself so mad.




    Oh Lorna, you and me both.

    I have spent weeks now, reading about them, trying to figure it out, and if anything, am now more confused than ever.

    Hope someone will come along who can describe all of it in simple, plain english.

    Lifey who has no understanding of that area



    The way I understand it – the word “subscribe” is just used to make the term “RSS feed” more understandable to the layman. So, it’s one and the same, except that you can “subscribe” to the feed through two ways: a feed reader or through e-mail.

    I found that I understood RSS feeds more when I read this article – http://www.problogger.net/what-is-rss/

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