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    I am very grateful for the use of SoundCloud, but unfortunately there seems to be a very much younger crowd that posts music on that site. Re-Mixes of Classic Old Standards. I WANT THE OLDE STANDARDS THE WAY THEY WERE DONE OR SUNG BY THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS.
    1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s of Big Bands, Singers, Doo Wop, Jazz, Rock~n~Roll, and my Passion ~ Blues.

    I don’t understand why they cannot allow that here at

    It is a just simple thing to add. &autoplay=1″ to the You Tube Video’s. Daily Motion has auto play as well, but cannot be used either on
    IBlogger – No problem

    SoundCloud just doesn’t have the pacific songs I want and only a fraction of the Artists and Bands. Very Frustrating.

    If anybody else knows of another site that WordPress allows to embed Music to Auto Play other than SoundCloud, Please let me know with instructions. But TIME FOR WORDPRESS.COM TO FINALLY ALLOW AUTO PLAY FROM OTHER SOURCES OF MUSIC.

    I already know there are those that will say I hate music automatically playing in the back round and I say I understand. But I write on different subject matters. And Personally Post Song and Music Genre Blogs. And some non-music blogs with a particular song playing actually is befitting to the Blog.

    So those that don’t like it don’t have to use it or read it. But it would be nice to finally be able to have this feature for those who do want to use it and do like it.
    I would like to be able to use AUTO PLAY from You Tube and Daily Motion.

    Like I said if anything else can be used here besides SoundCloud Please let me know.


    The blog I need help with is



    Some people think autoplay is great and others do not.
    From feedback we have had the majority of people do not like this
    I can see this annoys you but we have to go with what the majority wants.



    Count me in among those who cannot abide autoplays. So effing annoying, it’s a sure fire way to drive me off a site.


    but we have to go with what the majority wants.

    Well OK then Mark.
    As I stated in Post.

    I write a lot of Music Blogs. What is a Music Blog without Music? And who is the majority. Not making something available because some don’t like it makes no sense. If they don’t like it, don’t read it. I asked a simple question.

    Personally I don’t read a lot of other blogs here. I get most of my traffic from the subject matter I write on.

    So if some will be driven off the site??? Don’t get it, but whatever.

    I don’t think it’s feedback. Iblogger and a lot of sites allow to embed a simple code for auto play. WordPress already has SoundCloud and I’ve had no complaints. On the Contrary. On a Music Blog, it’s a Plus.

    Didn’t mean to bring out Venom. Just asking why not.But I don’t click onto things I don’t like. I write for me, and my feedback from friends via e-mails is on Music Blogs it’s Nice they could hear it playing.

    If the site allows autoplay with SoundCloud already, Why not from You Tube? Simple Question.



    Don’t you think people who are interested in music will already be playing music?


    I play music on my computer all the time while I’m doing web design and surfing the web, and the last thing I want is someone else’s music steppin’ all over mine. I hit the back button so quickly I’ve got a dent in my monitor.

    And anyone surfing at work definitely doesn’t like autoplay anything. It announces all to clearly to everyone else in the office that someone probably isn’t doing their work.



    There isn’t really any way to tell if something you’re about to click on has autoplay music or youtubes or whatever. That’s why clicking a Myspace link is something I do rarely; I am good and sick of Coldplay and Evanescence, thank you very much.


    In reality I wasn’t really interested in any one’s opinion on the matter. I just asked since SoundCloud is here with autoplay why not You Tube. And if anyone knew of any other thing besides SoundCloud.

    Some people will argue about anything. Damn get a life. You can’t even pose a question with somebody diverting completely off the subject matter. I DON’T CARE IF SOME DON’T LIKE AUTO PLAY.

    I just asked if SoundCloud why not You Tube as well.
    Forget all this Drama already.


    Simple. Youtube here at wordpress.COM does not have autoplay.

    Talk to staff. Oh, wait, Mark is staff and he said the majority did not want it.



    You asked why it’s not enabled. We told you. If you don’t want to hear from other people, don’t post in forums.



    you are very sillly , are you sick?



    The question posed by longshotsblues has been answered by felloe member, Volunteers and Staff (Mark).

    Panos provided a link to alternative audio playeers that can be used on blogs above.

    It appears that you posted into this thread simply to launch a personal attack and that is unacceptable behavior on this forum. Here we address issues only.

    I observe that the free hosted blog linked to your username is empty. Here’s some help to get you underway when it comes to creating some blog content.

    Best wishes with your blogging.



    On the contrary I didn’t post into the Thread, I started the Thread for a simple answer to a question. And got we don’t like autoplay. Personal attack?

    I observe that the free hosted blog linked to your username is empty.

    Yeah I messed with somebody’s blog didn’t I.

    To Drillunai. No I’m not the one sick. I just didn’t understand how a question got diverted all the way around in a circle. Read the very first post. Then some of the answers.

    Then they mess with your Blog. Childless

    Sorry Mark I wasn’t the one annoyed. But my simple question obviously annoyed you from your answer.

    Don’t worry won’t inquire another thing from these forums. I’m not here to argue, I asked to gain some knowledge.

    You need to grow up Time Thief. Touchy people here. Best Wishes to you as well.
    Ridiculous and Immature.



    If you don’t want personal opinions, don’t post in web forums. And it seems you can’t.


    And Drillunai’s whose Blog just got signed up and who just signed up to respond here a half hour before somebody else’s response?

    God, so people here also have different post names so you can then answer yourself?
    And you’re asking if others are sick?

    I post Blogs. I’m not into the forums, and this is why. Stupidity and Nonsense.

    Like I stated get a life. I’ve got one. And I don’t need to sign up as an alternate ego to pose then answer myself. Since Time Thief answered to a person that just signed up a half an hour before to ask if somebody was sick? I take it it is Time Thief who is Drillunai.


    The Thread was on autoplay. You people get get your last words in. Not into Games of this nature. So much for WordPress Support.

    Seems the first sentence I am very grateful for the use of SoundCloud, went over some heads. Sad



    Dude, it’s great that you’re not defensive and self-absorbed.




    Youtube here at wordpress.COM does not have autoplay.

    That’s very true in “normal” situations. But there’s an alternative.
    If you want autoplay option for Youtube, try VTubeTools. It lets you change the size and look of the video player and you can choose autoplay (or not). Works for Youtube and other video sites.

    Change the code the way Panos instructs.



    In fact it is you who needs to grow up and treat others who are attempting to help you with respect. Your personal attacks are adolescent and unacceptable. This is a peer support forum and if you retain that smartass big mouthed “attitude” you will soon find yourself dealing only with Staff by filing support tickets and waiting in their queque.



    I’ve decided to close this thread since the most logical answers have been given.. This way the arguing in this thread will cease…

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