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  1. Hi ,is it possible to add to my blog tag clouds from ?

  2. If the code to insert uses javascript then, no.

    If it doesn't use javascript then you could try adding it using a text widget.


  3. Thanks for the answer. I'll try it and let you know, maybe it can be interesting for other bloggers.

  4. That would be good, cheers!

    A few people have asked about tag clouds in the past so a positive answer would be good. If you manage it can you write a detailed instruction for others to follow?


  5. Sure, when I have a little time I'll try it and, if it works, I can write a little guide on it both in english and italian.

  6. thetomblog, how were you able to add js and all the icons on your page? Is there a especial tag that allow you to insert js or html?

  7. It is not javascript; if you mean pictures in the sidebar, it's very simple. When you add a bookmark, you can also specify "image url", so the result is that have an image instead of a written thing.

  8. This is like the Sitemeter install mentioned and linked to in the FAQ.

  9. Mike, was ur comment pointed at zoomcloud or the picture stuff in the side bar from the just before post ...

    I was just thinking abt something like this and on search came across zoomclouds, unfortunatly its JS and does not seem to work .... any work arounds ?!?!?!?!

  10. Any wordaround would have to be on Zoomcloud's end. Do they have any non-JS options?

  11. Does anybody know any site like adsence but does not use java? Their has to be one somewear.

  12. Matt came out a few days ago and flat out said no ads period currently.

    I guess that's what we're going with now.

  13. If Matt wants to open advertising up later, there are numerous affiliate programs that use simple hyperlink parameters to pass variables to the receiving websites. That kind of model forces the receiving website to do all the dirty work. On the other hand, it's also the kind that most spam filters will simply eliminate from a page prior to feeding it into a browser window.

  14. There's even affliate program that use graphics to track ad displays. I won't list them here because we'll start seeing them by the ton but they are out there.

  15. i nid help about puting a cbox on my blog!help!

  16. Have you tried using the Meebo widget in Presentation > Widgets? I think that's your best option as most of the others contain javascript or are stripped out for security reasons. Try that and see if it works for you.

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