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About/Blog introduction widget

  1. I wanna show a picture of me and a little introduction about myself. Which widget should I use? I don't wanna use Gravatar.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks, timetheif! but could I put picture and introduction message in one widget?

    im trying to use Text widget but it doesn't show HTML format. How do i put pic and link that connects to my "About" page?

  3. 1. You create a draft post that you will later delete.
    2. You upload an image into the draft post.
    3. You create the text and create any linkks you need to create like
    <a href="">my About page </a>
    5. When you are done you switch to the HTML ediotr and copy the code.
    6. You open a text widget and paste the code itnot it.
    7. You click "save" and "close" in the text widget.
    8. You delete the draft post.

  4. I see! Let me try. Thank you!!

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