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Abreviated Posts

  1. I've seen on some wordpress pages where the author sets up and abbreviated blog post, and then has a link which mentioned something to the effect of "click here to read more" which takes users to a page containing the full content of that page. How can I implement something similar? Sorry I know some coding but not enough to set this up correctly.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Victor,

    When you are typing your post (or editing it) there is an icon on the toolbar that looks like a a page with a split in it.

    Click that to insert the break.



  3. I should have added - it is the fourth icon in coutning from the right hand side

  4. ~~teamoyeniyi

    The illustrated instructions for splitting content by inserting "the more tag" into your posts are found here. found here

    Note that the Inuit Types and Fusion themes can be set up to automatically display excerpts only on the front page.

  5. And Hemingway displays only the most recent post, with excerpts of the others.

  6. Thanks for your help, I've already started to implement it!

  7. You're welcome from me. :)

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