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absolute beginnner can't embed google doc

  1. I'm trying to embed a google document using the embed code generated when I click 'file' and go to 'publish to web' on Google docs.

    When I paste the embed code and then publish the post it just comes up with the code not the document.

    It's driving me nuts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to consult the Support docs for before trying to do ANY embeds from external sites. We have stringent security measures that mean our embeds have to go through a different process

  3. They are the instructions I followed
    On Google docs click file/Publish to the web/Start publishing

    and then I copied the embed code
    <iframe src=""></iframe>

    but doesn't embed the document.

  4. Are you using the Visual or Text editors?

  5. visual

  6. Your document embedded for me in my test blog - first two lines - just put your code in the Visual editor side and hit save draft & preview

    Md Zakariyya - target grade 6b.

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