Absolute Newbie Without Technical Knowledge – pls help

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    I’m just setting up a complementary health business and have bought .co. and .com domain names in preparation for creating a pretty basic (free) website (very simple, a few images, about 5 tabs along the top of the page). I don’t yet have hosting. I’ve registered for a wordpress account but what I have appears to be a blog so I think I need to download from wordpress.org. rather than wordpress.com? My question is this: after downloading the latest wordpress release, what do I do to get to a point where I have something to edit? I have downloaded wordpress and have files on my computer but I don’t know what to do now to get going. Do I have to open something up? Do I need to have hosting in order to start building a website, or can I create it on my computer and then upload it to my host when I have one?

    Please be gentle with me; I don’t know any tech-speak as you can tell and this really is Greek to me.

    Thanks for your time and your patience.



    Read all the Getting Started sections and watch the video tutorials -honestly, that’s the only way to go or hire some. Good luck.


    The thing is, the .ORG software will look the same as here because blogging is where the roots of wordpress are, but they have come a long way. It is entirely possible to set up a standard website using either wordpress.COM or a self-hosted wordpress installation on a third party website. This support document here will give you a general overview of how that is done.


    WordPress has incredible flexibility and can be used for virtually anything. It just requires a plan, some knowledge and familiarity with the wordpress system and doing the work.

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