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abt fastest growing blogs and another question

  1. 1. how long is a new blogger qualified for the fastest growing blog stats?

    2. what are the chances or risks of losing all my posts in wp if i do not have a back up? how does one back up their blog content?

  2. Best method to do a personal backup currently would be via RSS and save them to a local RSS reader on your home PC. You would probably be stuck with manually copyingf and pasting if something went wrong with the data here but I don't see that happening. FAQ #1 and #2. I myself would just save the RSS file and import that to a local copy of WP on one of my home servers but not everybody has Apache running at home. :)

  3. thanks for answering the back up question drmike. anyone knows the answers to the other two q's?

  4. 1. It's not necessarily a new blogger. I regularly see older blogs popping up. I would guess they stay there until the stats for another blog overtakes them.

    2. Minimal. The only time you'll lose all the posts is if YOU delete the blog. has previously stated they make regular and concise backups on all their servers so in the event of a major crash you'd probably lose one day's posting rather than the lot.

    These are edicated guesses and shouldn't be taken as gospel!

  5. I think it was Podz or Matt that said if we were hit with a nuclear bomb, all our posts would come back in just a couple of days. :)

  6. California falls into the ocean. I remember the "nuclear bomb" quote but I can't find it right off. :)

  7. cornell: so it old blogs can qualify for fastest growing blogs on wp, what's the difference between that and top blogs in wp?

    nosysnoop: yeap, i read that too but i don't think he meant that literally, does he?

    drmike: the nuclear bomb thing came from one of the links you pasted in the previous post regarding backup.

    thanks guys for replying my query. cheers!

  8. Sulz: To be quite honest I have no idea!

  9. This would be my guess on the fastest growing versus top blogs distinctions:

    fastest growing would be the blogs which are noticing the highest increase in views per day

    top blogs would be the blogs which are noticing the absolute highest number of page views per day

    So an old blog that sarted experiencing growth could end up being one of the fastest growing.

  10. Yeah, general d although I "know" nothing, that's how I read it too.

  11. generaldisarray: when u say highest increase for fastest growing blogs, is it by percentage?

    i can see the distinction between the two stats now, thanks for explaining. =)

  12. I think you'll find that how the stats are actually calculated is a secret - just like how search engines do not reveal their own algorithms.
    As soon as you tell people how it's done certain people will exploit it to dominate and that's just unfair.
    (And I haven't a clue how it's done)

  13. ...and that's just unfair

    And probably spammy as well. :)

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