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Abuse - Site - Scamming

  1. The site registered under your services is scamming users from an online game. They will built up the trust of a user and link them to the following website:

    The website used to contain a post offering in game "insurance" where if the user paid some money they would get "insurance" on the online server. The whole post was very fishy and would ask for users account passwords for the game and for paypal account information so he could make the payments for them.

    I would have never thought someone would fall for such a stupid thing, and I only found out about the issue after it had happened. The user had sucessfully used this to phish the users info and from there he used the users paypal and sent himself money to another account. Since he had all the information he needed, he closed the paypal account and changed the password. He also changed the password of his email address. He has had no luck with paypal on getting his account back.

    Of course this is not your issue, the issue is that now there is a whole argument about who is lying and who isn't. The game server they play on logs IP, addresses therefore we know which IP each user is using. For the legal purposes of this case where the user lost a total of $500 is it possible to obtain the IP address used to register this website, or at the very least the email address used, as they have online forum accounts and we can also see if those match.

    We need to know if this website was setup to scam a user for money, or to make it look like he scammed the user.

    I have backed the site up as I suspected he would remove the post when the the staff found out about the issue. Here is the link which shows the original posting:

    Your help would be greatly appreciated in solving this matter.

    (I was required to select my blog, url below in this form though, that is not what this issue is about)
    Blog url:

  2. Would you please report the site via ?

    We don't discuss these things on the public forums.

  3. IT's CHEWY!!!!

    Also: fascinating. I'm not morally opposed to ripping off stupid people who have too much money. Hmmm.

  4. There are dozens born every second.

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