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Academica: posts, archives and search titles

  1. Hello there,

    I need help with something unusual. In Academica theme the post titles work under the same rules than the titles (h1) for the search results, categories archives, etc.

    I need to separate them... well, my client wants smaller search and archive pages titles. I've tried for hours and I just can't.

    Any bright idea for this to be achieved?

    I'd be grateful forever!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Note: There is no free and easy way to change a font style in a site title. These are 3 ways to change fonts on blogs.
    (1) Changing font families, colors and size in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page by coding into the HTML editor.

    (2) Changing font colors in text in posts or pages either post by post or page by page using the #4 icon (Select text color – change the text color) in Row 2 the Visual editor.

    (3) Changing all font families, colors and sizes throughout the whole blog by purchasing an annually renewable Custom Design upgrade and using Typekit Fonts with Staff support.

  3. Thank you, Timethief, but what I am trying to achieve is give these two sets of titles: a) Post titles vs b) Search results and Archives titles a different appearance with CSS.

  4. Eureka! I've found the way! :-D

    Thanks anyway. This is solved now.

  5. Oh! What wonderful news. Best wishes to you. :)

  6. Thank you, dear!

  7. If you'd be willing to post back with the example you used, that would be appreciated because it might help others if they are searching with the same question later.

  8. Thank you, dear!

  9. The thanks were for TT. :-)

    designsimply, OK, I put the following code:

    .archive .title-header, .search-results .title-header {<br /> font-size: 1.3em;<br /> color: #7FA8CB;<br /> }

    it worked great. Thanks to SacredPath who enlightened me on how to "guess" the right code. :-)

  10. Omitting the <br /> of course, it was not suppossed to be there.

  11. The break tags showed up because you used code tags. To display code here, enclose it in backticks (see the note on allowed markup). Result:

    .archive .title-header, .search-results .title-header {
    font-size: 1.3em;
    color: #7FA8CB;
  12. Good to know. Thanks Pi.

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