'Accept Invitation' not working when I invite new followers to my blog, what can

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    My blog is http://kleinmarketforum.wordpress.com

    I have been steadily inviting new followers to receive our weekly posts via email, but every so often I receive a response that the “Confirm Follow” or “Accept Invitation” button didn’t yield any results, and never sent a subscription confirmation email, and my prospective followers are left confused. Below is the most recent response I received:

    “I just received a notice from WordPress to receive Klein Market Forum. I clicked on the “ Accept Invitation “ button , but I am not sure if my reply was accepted, adding me to the list to receive the weekly letter, which I do want to receive. I actually clicked on the “Accept “ button a few times, so it may be I shall receive multiple deliveries ??? Can you confirm that I am on the distribution list with WordPress to receive Joel’s weekly commentary . His work is excellent and succinct, and I want to receive weekly mailings.”

    This gentleman’s email address did not appear on my confirmed list of blog followers in my site stats. What can I do about this? What are the proper steps that I can take to ensure my prospective followers are getting added continually and what do I do if this happens again to make sure that my followers aren’t inconvenienced twice? I know that they have to confirm follow/ accept invitation if they want to receive the emails, but what do you do if that doesn’t work for some people?


    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is kleinmarketforum.wordpress.com.

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