Accepting credit card payments and including calendar on site

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    I’m researching moving the following site to WordPress:

    However, I need to be sure I can add two features to the new site before I make this decision:
    1. Ability to take credit card payments on the site (for dues and for the annual conference).
    2. Ability to have an interactive calendar where doctors can post talks they’re giving.

    Please advise if you know whether this functionality is possible and how to go about doing it.

    Thanks in advance!




    Credit Card Payments:, where we are, is not really set up for e-commerce, though you might be able to handle payments through PayPal.

    Interactive calendar: We can use Google Calender embedded in a Page, but that’s our only option.

    Otherwise, you might want to look at using the WordPress software on a 3rd party host.

    More about the differences between and WordPress here:



    Thanks, Jennifer!

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