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    Hi all,

    It seems that my work has blocked my blog site ( – it was completely fine a week ago, but now it is blocked, with an error message saying: “Potentially damagaing content” – I have spoken with my IT department and they have said the site is blocked because it has been compromised, and that it can not be unblocked until the problem has been fixed.

    Really not sure what this means – but I really need to fix the issue.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is




    Thanks for your quick reply – I have already put an enquiry into them. How long do they normally take to respond? I dont mean to press but he matter is kind of urgent…

    Thanks again




    They can take a couple of days.

    One question: do you hotlink images, or are all your images hosted here at I ask because in cases where people have hotlinked, and those images have been taken down, the hotlink goes to a 404 and that looks like “damaging content” to many virus scanners, though it’s perfectly safe.

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