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    When I go to the Stats page and click on Summaries in the Views by country then I get a list of the number of visitors from those different countries.
    There I can click on the Survey ‘Since February 25, 2012’.
    When I then hover over some of the countries, several blocks appear with the message ‘Toegang geweigerd’ =’ Access denied’.
    (Netherlands: 2 blocks, UK: 4 blocks, Germany: 3 blocks, US: 4 blocks, Czech Republic: 2 blocks, Russian Federation: 3 blocks, Australia: 2 blocks, Poland: 5 blocks etc…)
    Is there a special reason why some of those people are denied the access to my site
    I would appreciate if you could explain to me why this happens.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi, Dennis:

    This is only an issue on the display in your stats page — it does not mean that visitors are being denied access to your site.

    It has only surfaced in Internet Explorer to my knowledge. I’m trying my best to get to the bottom of it, but please try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox and let me know if you’re still seeing it.

    Info on choosing a different browser can be found here:



    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you very much for the very quick response. I tried a new browser, in this case google chrome. And you are right the problem has gone. The text ‘Access denied’ has disappeared.

    Thanks again and have a nice evening,


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