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    Does anyone know about the access of wordpress in Turkey?

    I have the information that in this country the wordpress is illegal.

    The message on the monitor is: Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance.

    Thank you in advance


    There was a mirror site a while back that mirrored blogs for people in Turkey to access. I forgot the name now. Does anyone reading this remember? But people complained it though it was set up to help Turkish bloggers and their visitors.



    I think it was Wordprexy. I’m not sure if they’re still active, though. The blog is still up but whenever I try to access Wordprexy or a Wordprexy blog, it’s just returning a 403 error.


    People complained about there being ads on there though the ads were to pay for the bandwidth. Then they took the ads down because of all the crying and complaining over the ads and said they would try to find another way to get the money. Maybe they couldn’t.

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